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First visit FAQ


What is bouldering?

  • Bouldering is an easy and fast way to start climbing. It is done on relatively low walls, 4.2 meters from the safety mattress. No harness or ropes needed, you need nothing but climbing shoes and a positive mind. Bouldering is suitable for everyone, regardless their age, gender or size.
  • It is a great way to exercise your body and mind. Some of the climbing routes — “problems” as we call them — are like puzzles. You have to challenge yourself to solve this puzzle mentally and physically.

Do I need to wear special clothes?

  • No, just take your favorite sport clothes with you. You only need special climbing shoes which you can rent from our gym. Climbing barefoot or with regular shoes is forbidden. Smallest climbers can climb with socks.
  • No rings or long jewelry

When can I come?

  • Come any day, Mon-Fri from 12 to 21 and Sat-Sun from 10 to 19. Our friendly staff will meet you and show you around.

Are there any rules?

    Yes, for your safety we have some basic rules:
  • No running or shouting;
  • Remove all extra items from your pockets and accessories from your body;
  • No climbing over or behind the bouldering walls;
  • Be careful not to fall on anybody, not to let anybody fall on you;
  • Get used to falling on the bouldering mats;
  • Climb down before jumping down;
  • No climbing the walls if there are objects you might fall on;
  • No climbing when artificial holds are spinning;
  • No climbing under the influence (alcohol, drugs, any medicine which influence coordination, etc);
  • Don’t damage our facilities, equipment or take out our equipment;
  • Do not harass other members or our staff;
  • Do not violate laws;
  • Do not bring dangerous good or weapon into our facilities;
  • Do not engage in sales of goods, business activities, solicitation activities, political activities;
  • Do not let non-members use your membership or its benefits;

Read our Gym Rules!


How will I understand what to do?

  • Climbing is a very natural way of movement. Just come and climb. If you want to get the best experience of your first visit join one of our classes.
  • Read Bouldering rules section of our Gym Rules.

How much does it cost?

Single ticket

Mon-Fri 12-16 Price
Adult 8€
Underage under 18 4€
Mon-Fri 16-21 Price
Adult 11€
Underage under 18 7€
Sat-Sun Price
Adult 11€
Underage under 18 7€
Time Adult Underage under 18
Mon-Fri 12-16 8€ 4€
Mon-Fri 16-21 11€ 7€
Sat-Sun 11€ 7€

* Minors under the age of 14 years only with a supervising adult

Shoe rental 3 €

Student discount is 10 %

Take a proof of your studies with you! (Student card or certificate of studies). Student discount applies only to regular adult tickets and memberships.

If you are ready for more, check our passes.